The history of our Company

Since 2000 we have been cooperating with many Polish and foreign cosmetic brands, supporting them to reach the highest position on the Polish and foreign markets.

In 2014 we invented  a new, astonishing solution that addresses the needs of women that care about themselves as well as about the environment. Although it’s believed that a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, we designed the unique packaging that catches the eye, made of the fine selected kind of wood, imported from Asia, with form that connotes our motto: “The real beauty comes from the nature”.

The philosophy of our work

Not only we care about women’s health and beauty but also about environment and animals well-being.

We support WWF Foundation- the leading organization in wildlife conservation and endangered species.

Moreover we haven’t forgotten about the functional aspects of our product, by using the palette with the removable, magnet-based system, with attached double-sided cosmetics brushes.